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If you still can’t get it, read the explanation, then go back and try to understand the whole thing.

LEARNING CHINESE MEMES ~ 2019 Compilation. Hosted by Michael Barbaro.

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Richards and Theodore S.

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8M. In the meme above, the lady says: “欸,服务员。. It comes from a Chinese song called Yi Jian Mei (一剪梅).

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It should almost sound like the "s" in "vision", but closer to "r".

Whether you study by yourself or in a classroom, you’ve felt this pain.

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Whether you study by yourself or in a classroom, you’ve felt this pain. .

Relatable Cat Guardians.
Jul 4, 2022 · In the video, four of the apes sing a Chinese song to a sad ape in bed (shown below).
Feb 28, 2023 · Get Ready to Learn Chinese, Buddy - Klopp to Fabinho.



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The most iconic panda face is that of Choi Sung-kook. In 1989 an article in “The Daily News” of. Learning Chinese is a long road, so we’ve got to have some fun along the way, right? There are some great Chinese memes, images and videos out there. Dawkins merely “coined the term for something that’s existed literally forever,” he said. .

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But where did this song come from? Its the Chinese version of this vietnamese.